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Disney Land Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Disney Land - Essay Example This made him purchase another property, 160-acre at a site near Anaheim in 1953 (Trahan, 7). The construction of the park started in 1954, and it was completed and launched later in 1955. Since its launch, the business has experienced immense growth and expansion, starting from local expansion and later venturing to other countries in Europe and Asia. While compared to other theme parks in the world, Disneyland Theme park has been quoted as the most successful of them all, hitting a cumulative 600 million visitors by the year 201 (Seth and Len, 12). Its expansion in other countries has also been successful, with its resort complexes and theme parks recording high growth, profitability and popularity over the years. It is in the light of this consideration that there is a need to evaluate the factors that have made Disneyland such a successful venture, thus making it popular the world over. First, the major factor that contributed to the high-notch start for Disneyland is the nature of its launch in July 17, 1955, where a live guest of 15, 000 people were invited to grace the occasion, and the number swelled to an unexpected 30, 000 guests, on top of the 90 million people who watched via a live television broadcast (Barrier, 240). Just by the mere launch of the business venture, it became popular and attracted the attention of many prospective visitors, since such was a rare spectacle in the minds of many who attended the live unveiling and also those who watched it live. Due to the popularity that Disneyland cultivated that day, it was sure to continue receiving visitors consistently, among those who had watched the launch on live television, but now wanted to see the real Disneyland (Seth and Len, 23). The next day after the launch was not different, with visitors streaming in to view the theme park and thus the business kicked off at a relatively high rate, compared to other new business ventures. The success of the kickoff has greatly contributed to the suc cess of Disneyland as it is experienced today, since it started off as a popular business venture, whose popularity and fame has constantly increased over the decades. The other success factor that has shaped the destiny of Disneyland business venture to present day is the initial pricing strategy (Trahan, 13). Having attracted the attention of many potential visitors, the business venture had to differentiate itself from the other amusement parks through charging relatively high entry fees at the gate, with a gate entry fee of $1 (Barrier, 212). This served to present Disneyland as a high class guest attraction, which served to attract the attention of potential visitors even more. Having built on its popularity during the launch, then, the business had to keep the tempo by presenting itself as a high class and unique attraction, which would entice many people to visit and witness the difference between Disneyland and other amusement parks. Another initial success factor that set D isney for more success is the visitor management strategy that was applied from the initial days of the business opening. The management of Disneyland worked towards controlling the attendance of the visitors to the park, through regulating the number of daily visitors to a maximum of 20,000 (Trahan, 13). While limiting the number of customers to any business might appear to be a poor strategy,

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