Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8750 words

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction - Essay Example I would like to thank the Kempinski team who allowed us to access the data, especially Katherine de Fountain who always provided us with a lot of valuable information as well as arranging the interviews. Â  This study mainly explores how luxury Hotels make use of guest technology to improve customer satisfaction. The researcher focuses upon which factors that have a relationship between them, in guest technology, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction; the critical factors of CRM that achieve the highest service quality; the role of guest technology in increasing customer satisfaction and service quality. Â  In this paper, a combination of qualitative and quantitative research is used, which includes questionnaires and interviews to collect primary data and found out that there were problems of service efficiency, service quality and customer data management, etc. existing in hotel management. The data is analyzed using SPSS software. The result from the data indicates that guest technology can improve service quality and efficiency, as well as manage customer information to improve customer satisfaction, which suggests that guest technology will play an important role in hotel management in the future. This research uses Kempinski Geneva as an example, analyzing the guest technology that Kempinski already had, combined with future trends and customer readiness. Â  The global economic integration makes the sources of customers of the hotel industry more diverse. As market channels are getting broader, the hotel industry is also facing more intense competition, with increasingly fierce and rising customer expectations, which force members of the industry to continually seek for methods to further expand marketing channels, improve service quality, reduce management costs and improve customer satisfaction to enhance the core competitiveness of hotels’. Â  

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